Israel and the Israeli Lobby – Shadow Government, Puppet Government or irrelevant conspiracy?

This is an open letter to some US Congressmen and US Senators from a survivor of the 1967 attack on the USS Liberty by Israeli forces. It’s not much of a conspiracy, Israel acknowledged the attack happened, and paid $13 million in reparations. The Israel government explained that the Israeli forces who attacked the USS Liberty mistook it for an Egyptian vessel. The conspiratorial question is whether or not our government is overly influenced by Israel.

Israel is an ally, and like all allies they have some degree of influence over American foreign policy – so the question of whether or not they have influence is moot.  The extent of the influence is the real question. Phil Tourney, who posted the open letter, seems to believe that our government is a “Parliament of Whores” which responds to every beck and call of the Israeli government – and that would suggest to some extent a shadow government conspiracy. Unfortunately for Mr. Tourney, his passionate verbiage mitigates the effectiveness of his argument.  It is more likely that the supply of oil in the middle east dictates our foreign policy more than the Israeli government – hardly a “‘hadow government” at all.

The alternative to this theory is that the Israeli government is a puppet government established by the US to extend an imperialist arm into the middle east – because of oil. This seems more plausible, and goes some length to explaining why Israel is considerably more influential than other allies.  However Israel seems to act regardless of US interests, suggesting that they are more independent than a puppet government. The real conspiracy is how American’s are fooled into thinking that the two options above are the conspiracies.  US interests are best served when the region is enmeshed in conflict – middle east peace runs counter to US interests.

The method is surprisingly simple: Consider country X, which has a large supply of mineral X. There are two tribes that have divided up the resources of mineral X so that they both profit equally, and exist in a state of peace. This state of peace and mutual content between these tribes of people makes it impossible for a foreign interest to enter the country and cheaply extract themselves a share of mineral X. In order for this foreign country to access mineral X – they must create conflict between the tribes. Once war between the tribes breaks out, the foreign power need only to supply arms and technology to one tribe, giving them a lopsided advantage, in exchange for the rights to mine mineral X.

Apply this analogy to Iraq. In the 1980’s the US installed Saddam Hussein as dictator. He maintained peace between Sunni and Shi’ite through fear, and we profited from this. In the 1990’s Hussein invaded Kuwait because they defied OPEC and sold oil to the US for less money than the cartel agreed upon – and our ally became our enemy. Reasons aside for entering Iraq, what happened is a destabilization of the peace that existed between the Sunni and Shi’ite tribes. Now, companies such as Haliburton, Bechtel, KBR, Blackwater and others can cheaply harvest Iraqi Oil. Real conspiracies are motivated by money, not political ideology.

Comments, questions? I’d love to debate this.


One Response to Israel and the Israeli Lobby – Shadow Government, Puppet Government or irrelevant conspiracy?

  1. Ken says:

    Your first paragraph gives an extremely simplistic and misleading explanation for the attack.

    The GOI’s explanation for the attack involved its air force initiating an attack an UNIDENTIFIED ship, in international waters. In other words, the GOI freely admits its pilots had no clue about the ship’s nationality or its type; regardless, a decision was made to attack it anyway.

    Later, after the air attack, the IDF’s navy arrived in the form of three motor torpedo boats (MTBs). By this time, the heavy damaged USS Liberty had been heading north for about 20 minutes, toward the open sea, at top speed. Nonetheless, the MTBs pursued the UNIDENTIFIED ship. According to the GOI, the MTB captains tried to identify the UNIDENTIFIED ship, as they prepared for a torpedo attack. The best guess was that the ship appeared like El Quseir, an old horse carrier about 60% the size of USS Liberty, but without USS Liberty’s elaborate antennas, large central mast or a large dish antenna standing tall behind her large, four level superstructure.

    By this time, USS Liberty was about 25 nautical miles from the northern Sinai coast (nowhere near Israel or any war zone), yet the MTBs began shelling her relentlessly and launched five torpedoes — one of which hit her starboard side and brought her to a halt. Not satisfied with this result, the MTBs continued their attack by closely approaching the ship and firing cannon shells directly at her starboard hull, in an attempt to breach the hull and flood the engine room. Additionally, the MTBs sprayed the decks of the ship with machine gun fire to impede efforts to extinguish fires aboard the ship. During all of this time, USS Liberty was flying the American flag on her high central mast, in plain sight for anybody within view of the ship to see.

    Mistaken identity my ass! According to the GOI’s own account of the attack, and tons of testimonial and photograph evidence, it was not a case of mistaken identify. At the least, it was a case of a willful, reckless and wanton attack on an UNIDENTIFIED ship, in international waters. At the most, based on circumstantial evidence, it was an attack against a known target that didn’t go as planned.

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