News to make you smile – Paris Hilton’s inheritance just got smaller

According to Paris Hilton’s inheritance from billionaire grandfather Barron Hilton won’t be much more than a pittance. Today Barron Hilton pledged 97% of his net worth ($2.3B) to charity when he dies.

Paris Hilton stood to inherit an estimated $30 – $60 million according to various media outlets an estimated 1.5% of Barron’s fortune. Assuming that percentage stays static and she isn’t written out of the will (fingers crossed!), Paris now stands to inherit only $1 Million. Of course all of this is speculation and the smart money is on Paris dying of a drug overdose or alcohol related accident sometime before Barron dies of ripe old age. I’m still trying to figure out the conspiracy angle – stay tuned.


2 Responses to News to make you smile – Paris Hilton’s inheritance just got smaller

  1. Nobody Imparticular says:

    I was speaking with someone who told me the other day something I found terribly interesting. This person had lunch with Paris a few weeks back. I was told by my reliable source that Paris has been reading a lot of Tolstoy and Alexander Pushkin the past year. She was especially moved by Anna Karenina and decided after reading the book that she wanted to live a more modest life devoted to living in balance with the land and dedicating more of her time to cultivating her spiritual life. Paris especially found great inspiration from Pushkin’s notion of Spiritual Transformation. In a nut shell this means cultivating a life of virtue through taking responsibility for all the choices one makes. “Choice,” Pushkin wrote “is the only opportunity that man has to make him self as great as God, choose wisely.” I believe that within the next year she will renounce her wealth and move to the confines of a small home with a sustainable garden on the Northern Coast of California. Just though I would let you know. Be well….

  2. Nobody Imparticular says:

    ….oh, I was also told that Paris is also planning to get rid of her dependency on oil (war) and take up riding a bicycle as her soul means of transportation.

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