Ron Paul Endorsements – Full list with a side of commentary

Below is a full list of those brave souls who have endorsed Ron Paul for President. It’s strange that in today’s world of instant access to information that so many people have no idea who Ron Paul is, or what he stands for, but it’s nice to see some familiar names on the list.

I’ve got a lot of respect for Andrew Sullivan, but I’ve gained a lot of respect for Tucker Carlson and Jim Cramer as I noticed their endorsements. There is also strong support in the economics community, notably Steve Hanke – showing that not everyone is too greedy to remain complicit in a flawed economic system.

I laughed pretty hard when I saw that WWE wrestlers Kane and Val Venis tossed in their support as did former KKK Grand Wizard Don Black. I’d like to think that if they were still alive, that Hunter S. Thompson and Kurt Vonnegut Jr. would be adamantly supporting this man as well.


Jonathan Bean, Ph.D. – research fellow at Independent Institute*, professor of history, Southern Illinois University*
David Beito, Ph.D. – professor of history at University of Alabama*
Walter Block, Ph.D. – professor of economics at Loyola University* and fellow at the Mises Institute*
Nelson Borelli, M.D. – Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences,?Medical School, Northwestern University*
Samuel Bostaph, Ph.D. – Chairman, Department of Economics, University of Dallas
Jack Chambless, Ph.D. – professor of economics at Valencia College*
Joe Michael Cobb, Ph.D. – retired professor of economics, Orange Coast College* and Saddleback College*
Casimir Dadak, Ph.D. – Associate Professor of Finance and Economics, Dept. of Business and Economics, Hollins University
Thomas DiLorenzo, Ph.D. – Professor of Economics, Loyola College in Maryland; Senior Faculty Member, the Ludwig von Mises Institute
Gary Galles, Ph.D. – professor of economics at Pepperdine University*
Keith Halderman – research assistant at Trebach Institute* and adjunct professor at American University*
Steve H. Hanke, Ph.D. – Professor of Applied Economics, The Johns Hopkins University and Journalist for Forbes Magazine
David R. Henderson, Ph.D. – Hoover Institution* and professor of economics at the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, California*
Guido Hulsmann, Ph.D. – Senior Fellow, Ludwig Von Mises Institute
Zagros Madjd-Sadjadi, Ph.D. – Assistant Professor of Economics, Department of Economics, Winston-Salem State University
Mark LeBar, Ph.D. – Department of Philosophy, Ohio University*
William Marina, Ph.D. – Department of History, Florida Atlantic University*
Charles W. Nuckolls, Ph.D. – Department of Anthropology, Brigham Young University*
William H. Peterson, Ph.D. – Schlarbaum Laureate, Ludwig von Misis Institute
Ivan Pongracic, Jr., Ph.D. – Department of Economics, Hillsdale College*
Arthur Robinson, Ph.D. – Founder, Robinson Curriculum; President of the Oregon Institute of Science and Medicine
Joseph T. Salerno, Ph.D. – Graduate Program Chair, Department of Finance and Economics, Lubin School of Business, Pace University
D. Eric Schansberg, Ph.D. – Department of Economics, Indiana University*
Ken Schoolland, M.S.F.S. – economics and political science, Hawaii Pacific University*
Larry J. Sechrest, Ph.D. – Professor of Economics, Sul Ross University
Mark Thornton, Ph.D. – Author, Former Economic Advisor to the Governor of Alabama; Senior Fellow, Ludwig von Mises Institute
Walter E. Williams, Ph.D. – professor of economics at George Mason University*
Thomas E. Woods, Jr., Ph.D. – author and resident historian at the Mises Institute*
James Yohe, Ph.D. – Gadsden State Community College*

*Affiliations stated for information only

Donna D’Errico – actress, model
Bill Dumas – Hollywood film producer
The Evolutionaries – New York industrial music group
Glen Jacobs – WWE wrestler “Kane”
Rockie Lynne – country musician
Sean Morley – WWE wrestler “Val Venis”
Krist Novoselic – rock bassist formerly of Nirvana
David Pasquesi – actor and comedian
Aaron Russo (1943-2007) – Hollywood film producer
Doug Stanhope – comedian
J. Michael Straczynski – creator of Babylon 5
Jimmie Vaughan – blues guitarist


Matt Abar – Financial and Technology Blogger, Wealthfly
Peter Allison – Author
James Bovard – author and columnist
Jack Cafferty – frequent commentator for CNN’s The Situation Room
Tucker Carlson – host of “Tucker”
Jim Cramer – host of Mad Money w/Jim Cramer
Adam Curry – Media Personality
Vox Day – columnist
John Derbyshire – Columnist for National Review Online
Marc Emery – Canadian radio station manager
G. Edward Griffin – author and film producer
Alex Jones – paleoconservative radio host and filmmaker
Karen Kay – Author
Devvy Kidd – political columnist
Isabel Lyman – Author
Texe Marrs – pastor, author and radio host
Bruce Alan Martin – radio host, “Long Island Liberty, with BAM”, WUSB 90.1 FM
Rex F. May – Political Cartoonist
Ilana Mercer – columnist
Paul Mulshine – journalist
Robert Ringer – Author
Lauren Royal – Author
Peter Schiff – financial consultant and Fox News contributor
Gary B. Smith – Fox News economics commentator
L. Neil Smith – author
Joseph Sobran – columnist
John Stossel – author, anchor and columnist
Andrew Sullivan – Daily Dish blogger


Jefferson Republican Party
Montana Shooting Sports Association
The Old School Conservatives, independent political organization
Reform Party of Ohio
United Republicans of California
Wyoming State Shooting Association

Government officials

Karen Kwiatkowski – Air Force Lieutenant Colonel, Retired
Andrew Napolitano – political commentator and former New Jersey Superior Court Judge
Michael Scheuer – former head analyst at the CIA’s bin Laden Unit

Elected officials

Bob Barr – former member of Congress (R-GA)
Aubyn Curtiss – Montana Senator
Porter Davis – Former Oklahioma state representative
Michael J. Doherty – New Jersey state legislator
Paul Findley – former member of Congress (R-IL)
Mike Folmer – Pennsylvania Senator
Barry Goldwater, Jr. – former member of Congress (R-CA)
Jim Guest – Missouri state representative
Barbara Hagan – former New Hampshire state representative and right-to-life activist
Phil Hart – Idaho state congressman
Gary Hayes – Former mayor of Middleburgh, NY
Paul Ingbretson – New Hampshire state representative
Gary E. Johnson – Former Governor of New Mexico
Karen Johnson – Arizona state senator
Walter Jones – member of Congress (R-NC)
Rick Jore – Montana representative
Charles Key – Oklahoma state representative, District 90
Roger Koopman – Montana representative
Tom Langlais – former New Hampshire state representative
R. Kenneth Lindell – Former Maine state representative
Allan Mansoor – mayor of Costa Mesa, CA
Jason Murphey – Oklahoma state representative, District 31
Jerry O’Neill – Montana state representative
Dick Randolph – former Alaskan state representative
Steve Vaillancourt – New Hampshire state representative

Other political

Michael Badnarik – 2004 Libertarian Party presidential candidate
Chuck Baldwin– 2004 Constitution Party vice-presidential candidate
Jim Clymer – Constitution Party national chairman
Kinky Friedman – 2006 Texas gubernatorial candidate
Kevin George – Texas Congressional candidate
Frank Gonzalez – 2008 independent congressional candidate in Florida
Stephen P. Gordon – former national communications director, Libertarian Party
David Grate – New York Congressional candidate
Peter James – Maryland Congressional candidate
Larry Kilgore – 2008 Republican candidate for U.S. Senate in Texas
Steve Kubby – 2008 Libertarian Party presidential candidate
B.J. Lawson – North Carolina Congressional candidate
Michael Peroutka – 2004 Constitution Party presidential candidate
Dick Randolph – Former Alaska state representative
Justin Raimondo– 1996 Republican congressional candidate in California and editorial director of
Bret Sanders – Louisiana U.S. House candidate
Dean Santoro – Florida U.S. House candidate
Doug Schell – North Carolina U.S. House candidate
Christine Smith – 2008 Libertarian Party presidential candidate
Michael Charles Smith – 2008 Republican Party presidential candidate
Wm. Donald Tabor – Virginia State Senate candidate
Theodore Terbolizard – 2008 Republican congressional candidate in California
Brian Thomas – Former Washington state representative
Jason Thompson – Georgia Congressional candidate
John Wallace – New York Congressional candidate


Charlie Beall – CEO of eKnowledge.
Don Black, webmaster of the Stormfront White Nationalist Community and former Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan
Dennis Hof, owner of the Moonlite Bunny Ranch in Carson City, Nevada. Hof endorsed at the request of Tucker Carlson.
Jacob G. Hornberger – founder and president of The Future of Freedom Foundation, B.A. Economics, J.D., attorney, adjunct professor at the University of Dallas
Pastor John Killian – Maytown Baptist Church, Maytown, Alabama
Pastor Creighton Lovelace – Danieltown Baptist Church, Forest City, North Carolina
Larry Lepard, Massachusetts venture capitalist. On November 21, 2007, he bought for approximately $85,000 a full-page advertisement in USA Today endorsing Ron Paul.

*Note – this list was copied directly from Wikipedia, which I assume is up-to-date and accurate given Ron Paul’s strong internet support. There are plenty of references with valid links to confirm these endorsements.


10 Responses to Ron Paul Endorsements – Full list with a side of commentary

  1. I suspect the endorsements list will grow as the Ron Paul campaign issued this press release earlier today:

    “Dr.Paul Issues Statement in Support of State ‘Right to Life’ Amendments

    Ron Paul 2008 campaign
    December 27, 2007

    Angela Wittman
    Media Coordinator
    Larry Kilgore for US Senate (R-TX)

  2. J.Farson says:

    Why is Walter Williams on that list. He didn’t officially endorse Paul, he actually said we would be better off if we put their names in a hat and drew one.

  3. Steven McDuffie says:

    Take me off the list, as a candidate anyway…
    I still support Ron Paul, but I am no longer a candidate. I don’t have the patience to talk to stupid people day in and day out on the campaign trail.

  4. The significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them.AlbertEinsteinAlbert Einstein

  5. US News says:

    Success is determined by those whom prove the impossible, possible.JamesW.PenceJames W. Pence

  6. Naturally the common people don’t want war. But after all, it is the leaders of the country who determine policy, and it is always a simple matter to drag the people along, whether it is a democracy, or a fascist dictatorship, or a parliament or a communist dictatorship. All you have to do is to tell them that they are being attacked, and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same in any country.HermannGoeringHermann Goering

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