The man-made HIV/AIDS conspiracy

As ridiculous as it may seem, the majority of people I’ve spoken with in the black and homosexual communities believe the man-made AIDS conspiracy, and their vociferous declarations have inspired me to do my own research.

A few scientists have publicly declared a belief that AIDS is man-made: Alan Cantwell MD, Robert Strecker MD, William Campbell Douglass MD, and Eva Snead MD are the only notable ones who have produced any research or.  

The generally accepted theory of the origination of the HIV virus comes from a non-profit AIDS awareness web-page.  The page explains how the Simian Immunodeficiency Virus (SIV) was transfered and adapted to humans to form the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV):

“The most commonly accepted theory is that of the ‘hunter’. In this scenario, SIVcpz was transferred to humans as a result of chimps being killed and eaten or their blood getting into cuts or wounds on the hunter. Normally the hunter’s body would have fought off SIV, but on a few occasions it adapted itself within its new human host and become HIV-1. The fact that there were several different early strains of HIV, each with a slightly different genetic make-up (the most common of which was HIV-1 group M), would support this theory: every time it passed from a chimpanzee to a man, it would have developed in a slightly different way within his body, and thus produced a slightly different strain.”


The theory is a reasonable postulate given the lack of evidence behind the transfer.  The strongest link is that the czb strain of the SIV virus appears to be nearly genetically identical to the HIV-1 strain.  Because no evidence of transfer exists, logically it could not be ruled out that it’s transfer to humans was deliberate.

Dr. Alan Cantwell explains how the “War on Cancer” may have lead to the human engineering of the HIV virus.

In 1970 the discovery of a cell enzyme, called “reverse transcriptase” by Howard Temin and David Baltimore, allowed molecular biologists to detect so-called retroviruses in some animal cancers. It was soon recognized that retroviruses could be found normally in the genes of many animal cells, and that scientists could manipulated these viruses to produce detrimental effects on the immune system. In “species jumping” laboratory experiments, many viruses were transferred between different animal species and were also adapted to human cells… As part of President Richard Nixon’s “War on Cancer, ” genetic engineering of viruses became an integral part of the now largely forgotten Special Virus Cancer Program, conducted under the auspices of the National Cancer Institute (NCI)… By the late-1970s the War against Cancer and the Virus Cancer Program proved a bust with no cancer-causing retroviruses found in humans. The Program was winding down in 1978, at the exact time when government scientists were also enrolling thousands of gay men in New York City to serve as guinea pigs in the hepatitis B experiment that took place that same year at the New York Blood Center in Manhattan. In 1979 the first cases of AIDS in gay men were reported from Manhattan.

Dr. Strecker created the Strecker memorandum (this link is to a video of his presentation from the 80s). According to Strecker, scientists in the late 70s wrote in to the bulletin of the World Heath Organization (WHO) requesting that pandemic level viruses be created to study and anticipate the potential effects on the human population. It’s a laborious task, but if you watch the Strecker Memorandum it’s not difficult to reach the conclusion that the HIV virus was created especially for this purpose, especially given the relatively innocuous fact the many governments worldwide experiment with biological weapons.

Dr. William Campbell Douglas is described as a “medical maverick”and was voted “Doctor of the Year” by the National Health Federation. His book, AIDS and Biological Warfare is a fairly comprehensive catalog of the history of biological warfare and attempts to build links to evidence of government sponsored creation of the HIV virus.  It is strongly circumstantial in it’s attempts to link the HIV virus to a Government sponsored program.  The most convincing evidence is that governments have experimented with biological weapons for thousands of years: The Egyptian empire would coral together hoards of people suffering from the plague and push them into enemy armies.  The Assyrians purportedly poisoned enemy armies with ergot, a rye fungus that functions similarly to LSD. The American Government gave blankets infected with small pox to Native Americans as a peace offering!  So one could understand why it would seem we’re capable of creating something far worse than the HIV Virus. 

Dr. Eva Sneed is well known for her AIDS vaccine research as well as research proving a link between polio vaccines and childhood leukemia. Some could argue her advocacy of holistic medicine tarnishes her credibility, but it takes a careful mind to avoid the fallacy of poisoning the well.

The argument for the man-made AIDS virus is predicated on the government possessing the motive, means and opportunity to create such monstrosity.

The will to create is the easiest to argue. Throughout history the governments of the Roman Empire, Nazi Germany, the Soviet Union and the United States government and countless others have participated in the development and use of chemical and biological weapons. The will to do so exists purely because it has been a trend of governments to develop biological weapons throughout history; in order to maintain stability and security governments must experiment with weaponizing scientific advancements.

The motive is arguably more difficult. Homosexuals and black people have been a target of prejudice throughout history. Some on one extreme may argue that their plight is another conspiracy in itself to upset a peaceful and moral establishment, while some on the other extreme blame the establishment as the root of all their social ills.

A democratic society however, is in theory a nameless and faceless entity generally unable to possess a moral attitude against a group of people. Obviously the theory is flawed throughout its application as our democratic government not only enslaved African-Americans, but has continually denied them rights, even up to this day. Those with the power to control the government occasionally harbor some extreme ideologies, and given a history of oppression of minorities, it is plausible that the HIV was release with malicious motive.  

Is it more plausible that the virus jumped from a monkey in Africa, or that it was intentionally targeted to eradicate the homosexual and black communities?  Given all the hype surrounding the potential for “Bird Flu” to jump to humans and cause a global pandemic, I’m beginning to think a bit more skeptically about what our government tells us regarding HIV and viruses in general.


2 Responses to The man-made HIV/AIDS conspiracy

  1. jon mellows says:

    This is not hard to believe at all. It seems to me that with the US quietly selling freeways to foreign countries, that we are in a bit of a twisteed pickel.
    They control the water, food supplies, energy, internet and money value.

    look at this! then the aids thing is seen as just another agressive step towrds depopulation.

  2. I actually think about the reason you named this posting, “The man-made HIV/AIDS
    conspiracy Boko-Maru”. In any event .

    I really enjoyed the post!Many thanks-Don

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