Piranha’s feeding on a mouse – warning – very graphic!

About a year ago I purchased 13 baby piranhas (you’d be amazed what you can buy online). Now they’re all grown up. Who needs the nature channel when you have this!?!

A quick background on piranha’s for the layman:

They are extremely skittish fish. They use schooling or shoaling as a means of protection against predators. Just walking by the tank is enough to startle them. Usually when the mouse is first added to the tank they are initially frightened. A sentry is sent out of the school to scope out the scene and confirm the absence of predators. Once the piranha attack, it’s a battle royale for a prize of fresh meat.


2 Responses to Piranha’s feeding on a mouse – warning – very graphic!

  1. Erin says:

    I refuse to watch this. And do piranhas eat mice in “nature.” It does make for an interesting mouse trap if you have mice in your apartment.

  2. thoi trang says:

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