A brief quiz on your intelligence

Is your quality of life going to improve because abortion or gay marriage are outlawed?

Do you really care if the government is listening to you tell your sister that your dog peed on your bed again?

Do you personally feel threatened by Al Qaeda?

Do you think it’s the government’s fault you lost your no skills required, minimum wage job because of illegal immigration?

Do you really need to complain about your health plan that won’t let you see that specialist in Chicago who will, in all likelihood, tell you the exact same thing the 3 specialists in your area have already told you?

Is this negative economy really the governments fault?

Do you think the federal government should tell each state how it is… especially when it comes to immigration, abortion, and gay marriage?  (If you answered yes and call yourself a “conservative” please remove your uneducated ass from the gene pool before finishing this article)

Did you expect Congress to do anything?  Anything at all?

Do you vote for that guy, whose name you recognize, because that’s just who you’ve always voted for?  Do you struggle to identify anything they’ve done since they’ve been elected?

Do you think you’re blameless for your current economic situation because you failed to read your mortgage contract or racked up $10k in credit card debt, because hey… banks and credit card companies are good people… they aren’t trying to squeeze you for every penny… it’s the government’s fault for not regulating them and informing you of the obvious, right?

Is somebody constantly out to get you or intentionally trying to make your life worse?  A Democrat, Republican or Ralph Nader?

If you answered yes to any of these questions… please do us all a favor and _______
***For those smart enough to pick up on my smarmy quips… please fill in the blank with your own suggestion in the “comments” section below.


One Response to A brief quiz on your intelligence

  1. Amen. I’m not filling in the blank. I’m just saying amen. Or word. Or right on.

    I found your blog because boko-maru brought me here. I’m glad that boko-maru did not disappoint. I don’t think boko-maru ever disappoints, though.

    Also, I hope you decide to update again someday.

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