Lower Back Tattoos

I’ve noticed a lot of my visitors arrive at the site by searching for “lower back tattoos” or some variation… 

Please stop the madness.  Why do girls still think these are cool?  They are hardly ever original, and sadly always called tramp stamps… if you don’t want to be called a tramp, don’t get one.


Just to prove the point… this is the web address to the wikipedia article entitled “Lower Back Tattoos



2 Responses to Lower Back Tattoos

  1. dancergirl1990 says:

    okay, i find that highly offensive, im an 18 year old girl…. and do you know the reason i want to get a lower back tattoo?? to cover up a long ugly scar, the size and shape of a mountain range. i acquired the scar when i was young and it has bothered me ever since.

  2. Most girls don’t get them to cover up a scar. Most girls get them so that when they bend over and their shirts rise, other people will see it.

    Plus, wouldn’t a tattoo draw attention to that area? Isn’t that completely counterproductive?

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