A Marketing Plan for Morning Talk Shows*

Objective – To atrract new viewers by capitalizing on the growing health and fitness industry.

Method: Most morning shows run 3-4 hours long, and cover a wide variety of topics.  It feels quaint to think about the million of houswives who tune in every day for a cheerful spin and neglect of tragic issues.  I read the other day that the lady on the “Biggest Loser” charges $250,000 for a private session.  People are crazy about working out with TV personalities.  Instituting a daily workout break in the show could attract a larger audience building on viewer participation.  The workout would have to be extremely moderate to accomodate people of all fitness levels, so it could be limited to 10 minutes and comprised of stretching and balancing.

The payoff: 5 minutes of ad time.  Paid for handsomely by health food chains and non-FDA regulated “vitamin suppliments.”

*Patent Pending – I deserve some of that sweet ad milk.


One Response to A Marketing Plan for Morning Talk Shows*

  1. Ferinannnd says:

    Даже и не докопаешься.

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